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WHY Maintenance PACKAGES?

Website Maintenance Packages Simply Put:

Time passes, links break, technology changes, your stuff goes out of date, your customers don't find what they want quickly and they don't buy or come back.

Keep your site in the gold by keeping a routine maintenance plan. 


Update Something Routinely

Even if it's a one-line entry on your Contact page or your blog!

Check for broken or missing links.
Write a paragraph or repost an interesting article in your blog.
Keep your targeted social media active and updated routinely.  (Tip:  consistency is more important than frequency.)
Measure your reach by paying attention to analytics.
Add new pictures or motion graphics. 

Or purchase one of our convenient maintenance plans today.


Annual Plans

1-Year Subscription 

Economy   $550

1 month FREE!
1 update per month


Basic    $1500

1 month FREE!
Up to 2 updates per month


Gold   $3000

1 month FREE! 
Up to 8 updates per month


Platinum    $4400

1 month FREE!
Unlimited updates per month

Monthly Plans

paid monthly

Economy  $50 / mo

1 update per month


Basic  $125 / mo

Up to 2 updates per month


Gold  $250 / mo

Up to 8 updates per month


Platinum   $400 / mo

Unlimited updates per month


Website Maintenance FAQ

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