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    What Sort of Editing Will I Need?

    The type of editing you want to do will make a difference in any software you need to purchase.

    To Manage Your Digital Assets

    You will need a way to edit and manage your digital assets:

    website design graphics
    downloadable files such as Adobe Acrobat pdf files

    Content for the web must be prepared for the web.  Images should be appropriately sized, named and compressed for internet usage and according to the specs of your site design.  Audio and video need to be compressed, sized, and formatted for internet upload and/or streaming, in the case of movies.  All files should be named according to best practices for file-naming on the web.

    Writing for the Web

    You will also need to know how to effectively write and then format your content copy so that it complies with your website formatting and reads clearly and powerfully. (See our article on Writing For the Web for help.)

    Contact us for more information.

    Do You Have an Online Database?

    Larger, more complex websites and ecommerce often require a database program where a user can make changes, additions, or deletions in a password-protected, form-based environment that then automatically updates the web page itself.  See our Business Sites section for more details about our robust data-basing packages. 



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