If you're like me...

...and I know I am, you like to get your hands on a thing and buld it yourself.

WebHosting Services - for those who'd rather build their own

Self Manage

Say hello to a Content Management System that's developed with Business Owners in mind.



Add, move, remove or enhance functions as your business grows or your requirements change.


The hosting that's more just a content-managed website.  It's a CMS that bundles all the latest Digital Marketing and eCommerce tools into one system with one login at one cost.

Build Your Own...

Sign up for hosting and use a free plug-and-play template to put up your site.

DIY Business Catalyst websites




Contact us today to learn more about our DIY hosting.

Same Great Tools and Features

Whether you have us build it, or do it yourself, these tools and features are included to help you grow your audience, and your business.

  • Easy DIY Content Management

  • User Permissions and Access Control

    Full Customer Database

  • eMail Marketing

    Custom Searches

  • Blogs

  • Photo Galleries

  • eCommerce

  • Event Bookings