Changing Point of View

detail of Grand Canyon Mist, a work-in-progress

04 April 2024

Can Art Skills Help Us Make Better Choices?

Today I’ve been thinking about Point Of View. How we can learn to change our point of view, when we should be willing to change it and how it can help us make a better world.

Art Tools As Life Skills

Learning to change our point of view is an important art tool. And an important life skill! I'm still working on this in studio and in life.

Changing our point of view even slightly can open up whole new worlds of possibilities. Could such a proficiency help us build better relationships and communities? What might be available to us if we consider it to be standard educational curriculum? If we teach and learn how to consider other points of view besides the one we currently hold?

For example: did you know that if you tilt your head to look at the ocean horizon sideways, you can see the curve of the planet?

How It Works Sometimes In The Studio

I've been struggling with a painting in the studio. Maybe soon I can show you the before/after versions. For now it feels too fragile, but I can tell you that I can't get the stupid sky to work. It should be simple. It's not.

Late yesterday I was looking at my troublesome sky next to another painting. (A painting where the sky does work to my satisfaction). I realized in a flash I needed to change my point of view! (Hint: it has to do with the clouds and where they are in the sky relative to the viewer's point of view.)

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Julia O'Reilly