Julia O'Reilly

Award-winning color media artist.

"The song of the land is in my bones and in my heart. It seeps into everything. There is magic in that, gentle and wild. And it's that unseen force that I seek to find in the paint. It is the job of the artist to make the unseen visible, to render in some way that which asks who are we, why are we here, what is important."

Julia O’Reilly’s sunsets are seen through an Oregon of stillness, brilliant with a hyper color other artists only dream of. Obtaining it is not easy.

~ Renardo Barden, 350 Words, Portland, OR

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Changing Point of View

Can Art Skills Help Us Make Better Choices?

Posted 04/04/2024

Join Me For An Oregon Coast Painters Retreat and Workshop

This four day gathering is both a plein air painting and art-journal workshop on the Oregon coast. Painters and non-artists welcome!

Posted 03/01/2024

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