Finding Plein Air on the Oregon Coast

22 October 2021

Plein Air Locations on the Oregon Coast

Plein Air Locations on the Oregon Coast

Walking the 804 Trail

This 1.3 mile easily-walked trail near Yachats offers excellent opportunities for views of an dramatic part of the Oregon coastline. There are little flat step-out areas along the trail that are right over the beach and quite safe, and with enough room for an easel and a painter to get some wonderful views.

"For years, Drew Roslund, one of the owners of Overleaf Lodge and Fireside Motel, has captivated visitors by sharing his extensive knowledge of the geology, history, plants and ecology of the Yachats area.

Drew invites you to join him on a calm, warm evening as he walks along the 804 Trail in this video. Beginning at the Overleaf Lodge, you will travel northward, see the ocean, hear the waves and listen to Drew as he describes the history of this remarkable trail."

(video and quote courtesy of the Overleaf Lodge, Yachats, OR)

Julia O'Reilly

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