Re-Create To Make More Art

Oregon High Desert, view of the Three Sisters in the Cascade mountains.

14 June 2024

Recreation, a health necessity

I've been so busy in the studio the past few weeks, immersing myself in the paint. Many possibilities to explore!

Also making time for all the other tasks that need doing. Marketing, outreach, documenting, managing the website and business tasks, writing, shipping, supplies, inventory.  The business of art has an endless list of to-do stuff. Someday I'll get to hire some of that out. For now, I have to squeeze it in along with life stuff. Some days I look at the lists, and purge. What can I let go? What are critical path tasks that have to get done? 

I did take a few days last weekend to go camp out and play oldtime fiddle tunes with friends. Refreshing for the mind, spirit and heart, even if it's hard to drag myself away from the work. I took my plein air kit with me, of course, but no painting did I do. I did get some good photos for future paintings. For the most part, I recreated.

Recreation. Re-Create. 

" refresh by means of relaxation and enjoyment, as restore physically or mentally."

Sometimes I need a gentle reminder that it's good to break stride, get away, clean out the cobwebs - use any metaphor. Is this true for you?

Whatever works for you is the best choice. This last weekend for me it was fiddle tunes under the sun and stars in the high desert with friends. It's one of my many happy places. I came home recharged and ready to solve problems and tackle challenges from a fresh new angle. And full of more ideas for painting.

If art is creating, nourishing the creation of art must be an act of re-creating.

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Julia O'Reilly