Unlock the Secrets of Creative Landscape Painting: Journey into an Extraordinary World

27 October 2023

Have you ever needed to see the world from a different point of view?

Not just through your eyes, but through your whole self?

I stumbled across this in a video ad for Hyundai’s newest EV:

“…to go someplace unknown, to discover something? A larger rhythm, a pulse beyond our own, or maybe find stillness, space for landscapes to unfold and growth to begin. Where clarity illuminates, corners soften, and new angles begin to surface. And with enough space, a readiness can emerge to expand our horizon.”

Exactly! While I'm not being paid to advertise for Hyundai (truth), I do love the quote. It's exactly the excitement of a landscape painting. Landscape painting is not just scenery painting. A landscape can, and should take us beyond what we already know in some way that inspires us, moves us. It will cause us to question, wonder and explore.

Staying open to the essences of the world around us allows inspiration to guide our practice. We can be more open to ideas that come from outside of ourselves. We can take those ideas into the painting. New ideas can influence our brushstrokes or alternate ways to apply or remove paint, our color choices, and composition. These influences and our responses to them will help give our paintings a sense of wonder - catching the viewer's heart and inspiring their own imagination.

Win, win.

Best regards,