Golden Dragonfly Academy for Art - Coming Soon

21 October 2021

The Golden Dragonfly Academy for Art is an online art-travel marketplace where we help artists turn art-travel workshop and retreat ideas into successful endeavors.

This extremely affordable platform will provide you with powerful tools, support and tips so you can connect with millions of active, eager participants who are looking for travel and learning experiences with an authentic human touch.

What will the Golden Dragonfly Academy for Art do for you?

As one of our artists, you’ll be able to easily create, market and sell art workshops or retreats in extraordinary locations right from the website, without the cost overhead and complicated maintenance of an ecommerce website!

You’ll have a web presence where you can show work, talk about your art practice, add your show history and other credentials, add your social media links, and generally build or expand your following. We’re making it easy, and we’ll be right by your side, ready to step in and help.

The Mission

The Golden Dragonfly Academy for Art's main goal is to help fellow artists do what they love, earn money while doing it. It's to help workshop and retreat participants find the perfect workshops or retreats to fit their dreams, and to encourage art participation and creativity around the planet.

If you’ve dreamed of organizing a workshop or retreat in an amazing locations (even close to home) that will ignite the imaginations of your participants, the Golden Dragonfly Academy for Art will provide you with the tools to get out there and make it happen!

To stay connected for launch news or to request more information, contact Julia here

Julia O'Reilly

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