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Plan II

Optimal Support

Free up your time and resources. Do what you're most passionate about.

Rely on us for critical website tasks or trainings. Use your valuable time to focus on your business, your creative content and your marketing!

Plan II supplies you with 2 hours of maintenance and consulting time each month, for only $187/mo. You can use it to book consulting time, for troubleshooting or training. You can assign us scheduled or occasional tasks, or use for whatever you need, in any increment.

Plan II gives you priority access for consulting, troubleshooting and maintenance tasks. This plan is a 15% discount from our contract shop rate.

You can pay monthly or annually. No risk. You can cancel anytime.*

Which Services Can be Included with Maintenance Plan II?

  • Consulting & Training
  • Login or User Issues 
  • Add, Edit Page Content [client curated] 
  • Add Page/s 
  • Website Feature Updates: 
    • Navigation Menu Updates  (add or edit items) 
    • Event/Calendar Updates  (add or edit items) 
    • Blog Posting [client curated]  (add or edit items) 
    • Web App Updates  (add or edit items) 
    • Testimonial Updates (add or edit items) 
    • FAQ Edits  (add or edit items) 
  • eCommerce Product Updates/Additions (single entry or spreadsheet import/export )

Don't see your anticipated needs listed? Ask us if they can be included.

How are Maintenance Plans different from Webhosting Plans?

Our website hosting includes automatic security updates and fixes.  Hosting comes with complete server maintenance as a part of your hosting fees. You never have to worry about updating plugins or integrations.    

Our maintenance plans are special add-on service packages that help you manage your time and team.

*(Note: Fees are not refundable, but you can cancel or change your plan before any month or annual billing date. )

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