Julia O'Reilly

Award-winning color media artist.

The song of the land is in my bones and in my heart. It seeps into everything. There is magic in that, gentle and wild. It's this unseen forces that I seek to understand and share in paint.

The natural world is the start point of every painting I create. The painting process requires careful observation, and attention to my own inner responses.

I study light. I'm always moved by the way light and shadow pass through a place. Light tells us much about time. Time as it relates to place begins to tell a story. I use art as a language to understand these stories of place, and my place in the world.

Julia O’Reilly’s sunsets are seen through an Oregon of stillness, brilliant with a hyper color other artists only dream of. Obtaining it is not easy.

~ Renardo Barden, 350 Words, Portland, OR

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A Handbook for Gouache Paints

My new eBook is out! It's a guidebook for gouache paints, where and what to buy and how to use them.

Posted 03/05/2023

Why Paint From Nature?

When the weather constrains my plein air painting, I head indoors. By early spring, I'm longing to be back out in nature.

Posted 01/11/2023

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