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Vancouver Wine and Jazz Festival

Art booth at the Vancouver Wine & Jazz Festival, August 25-27

Julia O'Reilly


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Painting Workshop-Retreat on the Oregon Coast, May 2023

Four day retreat and gouache painting workshop on the Oregon coast.

Julia O'Reilly


Art-Blog, ArtHome

What can we say about a painting?

On the essential elements of painting, and how we can talk about them.

Julia O'Reilly


Art, ArtHome, Art-Blog

A Handbook for Gouache Paints

My new eBook is out! It's a guidebook for gouache paints, where and what to buy and how to use them.

Julia O'Reilly


Art-Blog, ArtHome

Why Paint From Nature?

When the weather constrains my plein air painting, I head indoors. By early spring, I'm longing to be back out in nature.

Julia O'Reilly


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Oregon Coast, Plein Air Painting, May 2023

Come paint your heart out in May 2023. This mid-section of the Oregon Coast has wonderful access to tidepools, coastal forest hikes, beachcombing, and much more. Your room is steps away from the famous 804 Trail, with wonderful step-out areas and views for setting up an easel.

Julia O'Reilly


Art-Blog, Workshops, ArtHome

Stepping Back

We learn to step back in our art practice as a tool of habit, to gain a different view.

Julia O'Reilly


Art-Blog, ArtHome

Conversations Within, "The Women Artists of Monhegan Island"

This 2007 film documentary by Michael Boucher continues to ask "where are the women?" in the history of painting, the history of art.

Julia O'Reilly


Art-Blog, ArtHome

Painting with Gouache - Plein Air Workshops

Painting with Gouache - Plein Air Workshops on the Oregon Coast, and in the Lower Crooked River Canyon


ArtHome, Art-Blog, Workshops

Adobe Business Catalyst Shutdown, And What To Do

If your website IS powered by Adobe Business Catalyst, you need to start mapping a strategy.

Julia O'Reilly


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