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Changing Point of View

Can Art Skills Help Us Make Better Choices?

Julia O'Reilly


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Join Me For An Oregon Coast Painters Retreat and Workshop

This four day gathering is both a plein air painting and art-journal workshop on the Oregon coast. Painters and non-artists welcome!

Julia O'Reilly


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Focal Points

Simplifying a composition in a painting

Julia O'Reilly



Vancouver Wine and Jazz Festival

Art booth at the Vancouver Wine & Jazz Festival, August 25-27

Julia O'Reilly


Art, Art-Blog, ArtHome

Painting Workshop-Retreat on the Oregon Coast, May 2023

Four day retreat and gouache painting workshop on the Oregon coast.

Julia O'Reilly


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What can we say about a painting?

On the essential elements of painting, and how we can talk about them.

Julia O'Reilly


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A Handbook for Gouache Paints

My new eBook is out! It's a guidebook for gouache paints, where and what to buy and how to use them.

Julia O'Reilly


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Why Paint From Nature?

When the weather constrains my plein air painting, I head indoors. By early spring, I'm longing to be back out in nature.

Julia O'Reilly


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Oregon Coast, Plein Air Painting, Sept 29 - Oct 2, 2022

This mid-section of the Oregon Coast has wonderful access to tidepools, coastal forest hikes, beachcombing, and much more. Your room is steps away from the famous 804 Trail, with wonderful step-out areas and views for setting up an easel.

Julia O'Reilly


Art-Blog, Workshops

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